There are only a handful of realtors that do business in Ocean Beach. A lot of people call me because I "am" Ocean Beach. I live here, I love our community, my office is right here and I have truly focused my career around Ocean Beach. I want to be in OB and I share that with people new to the area. I've been selling real estate in Ocean Beach for eighteen years, so people know that I have history here. I think that my knowledge of the different pockets of Ocean Beach, the neighborhoods, and the flavor of our community really helps people to know what they're getting.

There are still some mom-and-pop real estate companies in the area, but I represent a major brokerage. I think this gives my clients an advantage. I have resources that none of the small realtors in the area have access to, such as media and support for marketing. When someone is buying, it's important to have a reputable brokerage that treats people ethically and in this market, that's hard to come by. I've seen a lot of realtors that are representing buyers that know nothing about real estate or contracts. I am knowledgeable, plus I have the power of Coldwell Banker behind me to help people through this process in the proper way.